My experience with intermittent fasting(IF) was a very big success. I’ll fill you in shortly. First let me explain what that is. IF is a way to schedule meals and fasting in a manner which will allow your body the maximum digestion time. It can be done a few ways. I’m going to mention those and then tell you what I did.

24 Hour Cycle
Some people like to take two 24 hour periods a week to fast. That breaks the week up to a 2 days eating to 1 day fasting or a fasting every third day. Another way is in alternating 24 hour periods, like day on/ day off. On the fasting days, drink only water to basically lower calorie intake. Also your body had a whole day to process the things you’ve eat over the last 2-3 days. Important because during periods of constant eating the digestive system stalls on things like red meat and alcohol.

Daily Fasting
Daily fasting consists of giving yourself a 4-8 hour window to eat and allowing your body to digest for at least 16 hours. This was the path I chose. I would eat usually between the hours of 11-7. I would drink at least a gallon of water and up to 40 oz. of coffee. Initially the coffee helped with cleaning out my digestive track big time.

The first day I thought I was going to go crazy. Just like anything with anything we try that’s new the old ways try to creep into our heads and stops us. I was having cravings clean through the night. When I got to work after about a 2 quarts of water and 40 oz. of coffee I don’t think I ate the first time until after 1pm. At that point, I knew I was on to something. I had been doing 5-6 small meal a day for about the last 6-7 months. My body weight was fluctuating but I wasn’t making any gains in sustainable weight loss.

After the first few days I noticed that my morning bloating that was usually there on days when I had eaten meat or drank alcohol was not there. I wasn’t falling asleep at work after lunch or in meetings like I had for the last twenty years or so. I had natural energy. After about 10 days I go on the scale and I had dropped 10lbs. After 3 weeks I was still in the same weight range, which means it was sustainable.

I thought about continuing the daily fasting but upon further research I found that it was widely used a weight loss technique and not as the norm. That’s where I’m going to implement my philosophy here…I believe in moderation. A little bit of this and a little bit of this keeps us far from overindulgence. I plan on keeping my daily fast routine with the idea that if I do have one meal or snack outside of my eating period that it’s not going to kill me. I won’t do it everyday but if it happens, so what!

I’ve included some links below to get you going on your research. Remember, I won’t tell your ass what to do. I’ll tell you what I did. Feel free to customize.


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